Discover the all-new BMW iX & i4

A New Era of Electric is here

First-Ever i4

Meet the first-ever BMW i4 – powerful acceleration and perfected balance.

Impressive performance meets practical yet luxurious design with this new sporty electric vehicle. With a range of up to 301 mi for the base model and up to 270 mi for the M50 trim, this aerodynamic EV looks great and eliminates the expenses of gas and oil changes. The spacious and progressive interior allows for enough room for everyday utility and a high-class tone. The new all-electric i4 is definitely an eye-catcher that will leave you breathless. Click the button below to shop now!

First-Ever iX

Discover the fully electric, fully connected, first-ever BMW iX SAV.

Fast forward design, trailblazing power, and only from BMW. This all-electric SAV offers a range of up to 324 mi, a maximum horsepower of 516, and can acheieve a 0-60 time in under 5 seconds. Inside the cabin features the latest smart features, innovative surfaces, and Shy Tech that go beyond innovative technology. The Comfort Access technology triggers a welcome light display and automatically unlocks the doors as you approach the vehicle. It’s fast-forward design makes the iX go above and beyond. Click the button below to shop now!