The BMW i3 Is Pushing the Envelope In A Bold Way

Nowadays everyone wants a vehicle that is efficient, eco-friendly, and reliable on the road. It makes sense, considering we all want to save as much money as we can on the road. BMW vehicles have been known for pushing the envelope, but the BMW i3 does it in a bold, modern way.

As an all-electric vehicle you can get incredible efficiency without having to rely on the gas pump! With a 114 mile battery-only range you can get extensive distances on a single charge! In fact, with this range, you can get from Los Angeles to our dealership in Thousand Oaks and still have thirty-four miles left in your charge!

On top of that this car is compact, aerodynamic, and efficient. In other words, it is an incredible vehicle to have nowadays.

Visit us today at Rusnak BMW to learn more about its capabilities on the road. Our team would be more than happy to assist you with finding your dream BMW vehicle, whether that is the BMW i3 or something else.

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