Dinan Dealer Parts

Why Dinan at Rusnak BMW? At Dinan the main driving desire for BMWs is apparent in their commitment to designing and producing the most ground-breaking and performance driven BMW products on the market. Serious fanatics look to Dinan because they appreciate their aptitude to make BMW performance improvements that surpass the rest of the BMW aftermarket industry. When consumers want performance, they turn to Dinan at Rusnak BMW because Dinan can do almost any BMW upgrade that our Rusnak consumers want.

In the last 35 years of practice working with BMWs, Dinan's engineers have been trained to get the most out of BMWs. The engineers work with the understanding that BMW owners view their cars as more than cars. BMW has an extensive, rich history that prolongs a sense of desire into each car owner, possibly more than any other type of car. At Dinan, they recognize this desire and use it to offer complete and exclusive BMW performance upgrades to BMW owners. They propose these upgrades by producing the best BMW solutions, with enormous sums of R&D behind everything they build. Dinan's BMW products aren't only just parts; they are doorways that allow them to take a BMW from respectable, too priceless. All of Dinan's products come with the best warranty in the BMW aftermarket business with a BMW factory offering 4 year or 50,000-mile new car warranty. This allows BMW owners to have assurance in Dinan upgrades: they proudly support their finished products and their warranty guarantees that you'll be satisfied. 

Since Dinan only does BMW upgrades, they must be experts and know the car from the inside out. In fact Dinan takes their passion of BMWs farther than most and has been taking part motorsports since the companies beginning. They believe racing empowers them to enhance their R&D capabilities and gain a stronger understanding of how a car performs at its limit. This theory has been presented numerous times with championships and awards. Most recently from 2010 to 2012 Dinan-tuned BMW powered engines won championships in prototype cars in the GRAND-AM Rolex Sports Car Series. Today they are still dedicated to making and providing racing engines but also serve as technical partners to teams racing BMW's around the world because to their immense amount of knowledge. 

Dinan is also the only company that sells BMW performance products through the BMW dealership. No unimportant achievement seeing how grueling BMW standards are to maintain its claim to the "ultimate driving machine."

What Kinds of Parts Does Dinan Carry? Dinan engineers produce a vast amount of performance solutions. In fact there are way too many to list and give them the credibility they have earned. However the most popular Dinan product lines are made up of? 

Software. Dinan is famous around the world for its BMW performance software. While other companies offer tunes; there is more to a tune than just winding up the boost. Power needs to come on slickly and in an expected way. Dinan software supplements your factory BMW and gives it goals of greatness with new found acceleration and speed. 

Exhaust. Dinan exhaust systems mend exhaust flow by decreasing back pressure, causing enlarged power output and a great sporty sound that is civilized when needed and pleasingly aggressive under tougher acceleration, with zero drone. They are all made with stainless steel to give that husky tone while using black or polished tips to assure they look as good as they sound. 

Cold Air Intakes. Engines need oxygen filled air to achieve their highest levels. Dinan's Cold Air intakes obtain this cooler air from outside the engine compartment and pushes it straight through a closed system to the engine at greater volumes than the standard system provides. This maximizes the quantity of air the engine desires when pushed to produce significant power gains. 

Intercoolers. The job of an intercooler is to decrease the temperature of air that has been compacted by a turbocharger. Dinan's intercoolers rise the overall volume of air that can be cooled while also increasing the density of air. Similar to cold air intakes this bigger, and better volume of air greatly expands the engines capability to produce the maximum accessible power. 

Suspensions. Dinan designs suspension systems that are much more than just dropping the ride height to make it look better. They also offer enhanced cornering capabilities and a lower center of gravity in addition to the lower stance. Dinan's suspension systems mixed form and purpose to make a BMW that is visually magnificent and rides nearly as smooth as stock but with handling that could perform on any racing track.