2023 BMW 3 Series
2023 BMW 4 Series
2023 BMW 3 Series


2023 BMW 4 Series

Body Styles

Coupe, Gran Coupe, Convertible
$42,300 MSRP (330i Sedan)

Starting Price

$45,900 MSRP (430i Gran Coupe)
255-hp Turbocharged i4

Standard Engine

255-hp Turbocharged i4

Plug-In Hybrid Powertrain

Not Available

2023 BMW 3 Series vs. 2023 BMW 4 Series

The BMW 3 Series and the BMW 4 Series are both capable and stylish vehicles with impressive handling and equally impressive powertrains, but depending on what you’re after, one or the other model will feel like a better fit for your needs. Before you dive into our 2023 BMW 3 Series vs. 4 Series matchup, note that the 3 Series is more accessible—but also more conventional. The 4 Series has no trouble standing out on the roads of Westlake Village or Los Angeles, and it’s easy to customize too!

3 Series vs. 4 Series: Body Styles

Mechanically, and in terms of size, the 3 Series and the 4 Series are more or less equally matched. However, these two BMW vehicles can be styled in different ways:

  • The BMW 3 Series is always a classic sport sedan, no matter which trim level you decide to bring home.
  • The BMW 4 Series can be optioned as a coupe, a gran coupe, or a convertible, but it isn’t available as a sedan at all.

If you’re comparing the BMW 4 Series vs. 3 Series, you should know that the 4 Series Gran Coupe is the closest in size to the 3 Series sedan. The 4 Series Coupe has two doors, and less rear legroom than the 3. The 4 Series Convertible exchanges trunk space for roof storage, but its dimensions are otherwise similar to those of the coupe.

If you know that you’d like a sedan, but you’re still not sure if the 3 Series is the right choice, we can help! Compare the 2023 BMW 3 Series vs. 5 Series to learn more about your options.

3 Series vs. 4 Series: Price

Below, you can see the entry-level price for each of the three body styles that we’ve covered above:

  • 2023 BMW 3 Series Sedan (330i): $42,300 MSRP
  • 2023 BMW 4 Series Coupe (440i): $47,400 MSRP
  • 2023 BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe (440i): $45,900 MSRP
  • 2023 BMW 4 Series Convertible (440i): $55,500 MSRP

Any driver who compares the BMW 3 vs. 4 Series will see that the 4 is more expensive, regardless of which body style is under consideration. Take advantage of our monthly payment calculator to find out how each model will fit into your budget.

3 Series vs. 4 Series: Powertrain Options

Above, we said that the 3 Series and the 4 Series were basically the same vehicle on a mechanical level—and that’s true, but only to a point. Here’s what you should keep in mind:

  • The 330i and the 430i both come equipped with a 255-hp turbocharged four-cylinder engine. The M340i and the M440i also receive identical engines: in this case, a 382-hp mild-hybrid i6. Both vehicles also offer M configurations with even more power.
  • With that said, only the BMW 3 Series is available as a plug-in hybrid. If you’re set on the 4 Series, but you’d like to save fuel, you might also wish to consider the fully electric BMW i4 Gran Coupe.

Get Behind the Wheel at Rusnak BMW!

Now that you’ve had a chance to compare the 2023 BMW 3 Series vs. 4 Series on paper, we’re sure that you’ll have some questions that can only be answered with first-hand experience. Stop into our Thousand Oaks dealership today, or get in touch to schedule a test drive in advance! If you’d prefer to get started from your home in Los Angeles or Malibu, you can check out our current BMW leasing and financing specials right now.

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