2020 BMW X1

Four Wheel Alignment

A four-wheel alignment is a service that measures the alignment of each of a vehicle’s four wheels against the other wheels and against the vehicle itself. BMWs are built with more aggressive alignments than most other makes, this is because BMWs are performance cars. They are designed to outperform their competition.

It is especially important to maintain the alignment of your BMW for a few reasons. A BMW’s model-specific alignment contributes to its precise handling, high grip, and great feedback, but also consider that maintaining that alignment can prolong the life of the tires by making sure the tires wear more evenly. Check out our guide on BMW wheel alignment and contact our service team with any questions.

BMW Wheel Alignment

An alignment is essentially determined by three angles:

Camber measures how many degrees a wheel is away from sitting perfectly vertically. BMW employs negative camber to increase grip, traction, and feedback during cornering.

Caster is related to the steering angle, it determines how much camber each front wheel will experience while steering as well as how quickly the steering will “want to” return to center.

Toe is determined by axle, toe-in means the front-facing points of the tires are closer than those at the rear. Toe-out means just the opposite. The toe angle helps make the vehicle more or less stable depending on whether an axle is set to be toe-in or toe-out.

Making sure the appropriate camber is set will ensure a longer tread life, getting more miles out of a set of tires. It will also promote the secure, confidence-inspiring handling you expect from your BMW.

How is a BMW Wheel Alignment Performed?

A BMW alignment is performed by driving a vehicle onto a four-wheel alignment machine. The machine will determine the relative position of each wheel and describe the necessary adjustments. The attending technician will make the adjustments and road-test the vehicle before returning it to the owner.

BMW Wheel Alignment Interval: Once a year
BMW Alignment Cost: $199 plus tax and shop fees

Trust Rusnak BMW with BMW Service

When the time comes to have your BMW alignment completed, trust the service team at Rusnak BMW. Our certified technicians are here to help keep your model in top condition. In the meantime, if you’re interested in learning more about the BMW alignment cost or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!


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