2021 BMW 8 Series Convertible

BMW Convertible Car Top Care

In order to keep your new BMW convertible clean and shining on Malibu roads, you need to know the proper way of cleaning convertible tops of cars. Our service team can help you learn about convertible top care, products to use or stay away from, and other car care tips and tricks so you can keep your BMW clean, pristine, and shining on any Los Angeles road.



Tips to Clean Convertible Car Tops

Every once and a while it’s worth it to deep clean your vehicle. For convertible owners, this means cleaning the convertible tops. Before you get started, use our guide to show you how to start cleaning convertible tops cars as well as what bmw convertible top care products to use.

Fabric Convertible Top Care

While fabric tops are a lot more susceptible to damage, they are also prone to getting dirty and grimy like hardtops. This is why you’ll want to clean your convertible tops every now and again. When it comes to cleaning your convertible soft tops, here are the things you’ll need and the steps you’ll want to take:

  • Cleaning supplies: BMW convertible top care products, soft-bristle scrub brush, microfiber towels, and lots of water.
  • First, you’ll want to get the convertible top thoroughly wet.
  • After the top is wet, apply a fabric cleaner to the entire top.
  • Use the scrub brush to loosen the dirt and debris, careful not to scrub too hard.
  • Once you’re done, thoroughly rinse the top until there’s no more visible cleaning product left.
  • Dry with microfiber towels.

Vinyl Convertible Top Care

When cleaning convertible tops of cars made from vinyl, you’ll notice the process is similar to that of cleaning cloth tops. The main difference here is that there are very specific cleaning products for vinyl materials. Using any others than those recommended will result in damage. Before you begin, make sure to move your vehicle out of the sun to avoid the water evaporating quicker. Then, take these steps:

  • Apply the cleaning product over the entire surface.
  • After you apply the cleaning product, use a soft-bristle brush to clean the top.
  • Thoroughly rinse the vinyl and dry with microfiber cloths.

Warning: Do not use the brush on the plastic back window (if equipped) as it’s prone to scratches.

BMW Convertible Top Care Products to Stay Away From

No matter the BMW convertible you drive or the material of the top, there are some products to avoid using. Should you want to start cleaning your convertible top regularly, stay clear of the following products:

  • Dishwashing liquid and spray cleaners
  • Ammonia
  • Bleach
  • Alcohol
  • Detergents
  • Vinegar

It’s recommended you use the formulated BMW cleaners available for convertible tops as well as a convertible top protection layer. Contact our service department or parts team to see what’s available.

Convertible Top Protection

Once you’re done cleaning your BMW convertible top, we recommend applying a convertible top treatment. Much like car wax protects your vehicle, top treatment will help preserve your vehicle’s top as well as keep the water-resistant abilities in check on Moorpark drives.

Learn More Service Tips at Rusnak BMW

Have more questions or need help finding the right products to use? Our team can help. Contact us today at Rusnak BMW and we’ll have you one step closer to a cleaner BMW convertible.

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