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Recommended BMW Tire Pressure

Wondering about the appropriate tire air pressure for your BMW tires? For most models, the recommended BMW tire pressure is 32 PSI (pounds per square inch). However, you should always confirm this by checking the reference sticker located on the inside edge of the driver’s door. If you struggle to locate that sticker, refer to your owner’s manual for the correct tire air pressure. Whether you’re preparing for a trip across Los Angeles or a trek across the country, your BMW tires must have the appropriate tire pressure. Discover more about BMW tire pressure and more from the professionals at Rusnak BMW service center.



Why Appropriate Tire Air Pressure is Vital

Proper BMW tire air pressure will:

  1. Help decrease the risk of blown-out tires or flat tires around Westlake Village.
  2. Extend your tires’ lifespan by decreasing excessive friction and wheel spin.
  3. Enhance fuel efficiency up to 3.3%, as stated by the Department of Energy.

How to Check Tire Pressure: BMW Tires

The majority of BMW models feature a tire pressure gauge to inform you of low tire pressure. You’ll receive a more accurate reading if you check the pressure of your BMW tires when they are cold as opposed to right after you’ve driven the car. Refer to the following guide on how to check tire pressure: 

  1. Remove the valve stem cap and keep it in a safe location.
  2. Place a tire pressure gauge on the valve stem and press down firmly.
  3. The tire pressure gauge will show the PSI. Refer to the door sticker on the driver’s inner door rail for recommended tire pressure of your BMW. 
  4. Remove the tire pressure gauge.
  5. If your BMW tires are over the recommended PSI, release some of the air by pressing the center plunger in the valve stem and recheck tire air pressure. 
  6. If the PSI on your BMW tires is under the recommended tire air pressure, add air to bring your tire pressure to the appropriate level. 
  7. Put the valve stem cap back on. 

Where can you fill your tires? You can use a car tire pump or a bike pump at home to fill your tires. You can also visit a service center or gas station air pump around Malibu to refill your BMW tires. Every 6 months to a year, you’ll also want to check your BMW spare tires. 

Tire Care Tips: BMW Tires

  1. Regularly inspect the tread on your BMW tires for sidewall cracks and tread wear. 
  2. If your tire air pressure is often low, it may be a slow leak that should be corrected immediately.
  3. Maintain the recommended wheel alignment and tire rotation schedule outlined in the maintenance schedule found in your BMW owner’s manual. 
  4. When outside temperatures drop around Simi Valley, so does tire air pressure, and you may see the warning light activated. Add air as soon as possible when this happens. 

Professional BMW Tire Care at Rusnak BMW

Rusnak BMW tire centernear Moorpark provides a wonderful stock of BMW tires from top brands such as Michelin, Goodyear, and Pirelli that ensure safety and performance. Take a look at our generous service specials to ensure that you get the best deal, then schedule a service appointment so that we can get you back on the road ASAP!

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