The BMW M Series Offers You Exciting, Modern Performance

October 24th, 2019 by

Here at Rusnak BMW, we have a plethora of different vehicles from which you can choose, including the BMW M Series. What is the BMW M Series, though? And how does it differ from other vehicles on our lot, like the BMW M340i?

First thing’s first: the BMW M Series is a special array of BMW models that offer heightened performance abilities and exciting power on the road. With these models, you can more aggressively traverse the road, as they deliver high levels of horsepower and torque. There are also a number of different models in the M Series, including:

  • BMW M2
  • BMW M4
  • BMW M5
  • BMW M8 Coupe
  • BMW M8 Convertible
  • BMW X3 M
  • BMW X4 M
  • BMW X5 M
  • BMW X6 M

It’s this dedication to power and confidence that helps set the BMW M Series apart from other vehicles on the road (including other BMW models).

How does the BMW M Series compare to other BMW vehicles, especially vehicles like the BMW M340i?

The BMW M340i, and other similarly named models (like the BMW M550i) are not a part of the M Series. Rather, they are trim levels of their respective series – the BMW M340i, for instance, is a trim level of the BMW 3 Series. As such, it does not offer the same level of power and performance that the BMW M Series does. While it has a plethora of its own benefits and capabilities, it is different from the BMW M Series.

If you have any questions about the BMW M Series, or our other vehicles, we invite you to visit us at Rusnak BMW, located in Thousand Oaks, CA. Our team would be proud to help you schedule a test drive with your favorite model on our lot.

We look forward to assisting you with all of your vehicle-related needs.

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