10 Automotive Maintenance Tips Every Driver Should Know

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If you want your vehicle to operate at peak performance for many years to come, routine maintenance is an absolute must. It is so important to keep up with the automotive maintenance schedule recommended for your vehicle. At Rusnak BMW, we want to ensure your vehicle runs safely and stays in pristine condition like it was the day it left the showroom. Routine maintenance, while mostly done in a service center, can also be done at home. There are a few automotive maintenance tips that all Los Angeles drivers should know how to do. Explore our guide below, and when your vehicle is in need of more in-depth maintenance or repairs, you can trust it to the BMW experts at Rusnak BMW.

Automotive Maintenance Tips You Need To Know

  1. Know the Manual: The owner’s manual to your vehicle is the key to helping you check everything properly and be able to keep your vehicle running smoothly for longer.
  2. Inspect the Vehicle: Review the owner’s manual to learn about the things you should be able to identify. With this new knowledge, you should be able to identify signs of leaks, flat tires, and more. Catching these issues early can prevent more significant and costly problems down the road.
  3. Check Your Tires: Invest in a tire pressure gauge and check your tires to ensure the tire pressure is at the proper level. While you are doing this, it is also a good idea to check the tread for signs of wear at home using a penny. How does this work? Place the penny with Lincoln’s head facing down. Your tires need to be replaced if you can see all of Lincoln’s head.
  4. Check the Engine Oil Level: Motor oil is important for reducing friction, which helps to prevent overheating and excessive engine wear and tear. In your owner’s manual, you will find the location of the dipstick. Make sure the oil is at the proper level, and if there is not enough, add the recommended grade of oil until it reaches where it needs to be. It is also beneficial to check the color of the oil. A darker color indicates that it is time for an oil change.
  5. Check the Engine Coolant: Again, you’ll want to utilize your owner’s manual to determine where the coolant reservoir is located. Then simply make sure the coolant levels are where they need to be. A quick reminder, do not check your coolant levels while the vehicle is hot. Even touching the cap could cause severe burns.
  6. Inspect the Engine Air Filter: For optimal air quality, be sure to check the air filter on a regular basis. If it’s clogged with debris, it will need to be replaced.
  7. Use the Right Fuel: Each model has a recommended octane rating. Only use the grade that is recommended for your vehicle. If you use a lower grade of fuel, you may notice a “knocking” sound coming from the engine.
  8. Inspect Light Bulbs: To make sure you can see adequately when driving in the dark (and that other drivers can also see you), you need to regularly check the exterior lights.
  9. Inspect the Windshield Wipers: Be sure to also regularly inspect the condition of your windshield wipers, and replace them when they are no longer functioning as they should.
  10. Keep Track of Maintenance: Whether this means writing down the last time you brought your model in for an oil change or when you last changed the bulbs, it’s important to keep track of when these tasks were completed. This helps you to know when it is time to complete the task again.

Turn to Rusnak BMW for Your Automotive Maintenance Schedule

If you have questions about the automotive maintenance schedule for your vehicle, do not hesitate to ask the service experts at Rusnak BMW. We would be more than happy to help. We are also here if you would like any additional automotive maintenance tips, such as how to perform an oil change or tire rotation, or how to jumpstart your BMW.